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The Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission is accepting applications to fill the vacancies on the Florida Supreme Court created by the resignations of Justice Barbara Lagoa and Justice Robert Luck to assume federal judicial office. Based on the Florida Supreme Court’s current composition, at least one of the justices appointed to fill these two vacancies must be a resident of Florida’s Third Appellate District at the time of appointment.

Instructions for Submission

The judicial application may be obtained from the Governor’s Judicial Nominations website. Applicants must submit: (1) an original electronic copy of the application (including all attachments) in pdf format; and (2) a redacted electronic copy of the application (including all attachments), which excludes all material that is exempt or confidential under applicable public records laws, also in pdf format. Both the original and redacted electronic applications must be submitted electronically to all commission members at their email addresses below before 6 p.m. on Dec. 24. The commission strongly prefers the submission of applications in a searchable (i.e., non-scanned) pdf format.

After the deadline for submitting applications, the commission will determine which applicants to interview. Applicants who are selected by the commission for interviews will be contacted to confirm the date, time and location.

The members currently serving on the Florida Supreme Court JNC are:

Daniel Nordby, chair, Tallahassee,

Fred Karlinsky, vice chair, Weston,

Cynthia G. Angelos, Port St. Lucie,

Jesse M. Panuccio, Palm Beach Gardens,

Israel U. Reyes, Coral Gables,

Hala A. Sandridge, Tampa,

Heather Stearns, Tallahassee,

Jeanne T. Tate, Tampa,

Harout Samra, Coral Gables,