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Need a Lawyer? There are 3 ways to contact us for assistance.

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LRS Business Hours:  M-F 9-5
After hours, take advantage of our 24/7 Self-Referral process by clicking here.

If you are an attorney interested in signing up for our Lawyer Referral Service, please click here.

Through the Lawyer Referral Service, you may obtain a 30-minute consultation with an attorney who practices in your area of need, if one is available on our program. There is a $50.00 fee for consultation in all areas of law, except cases involving bankruptcy, labor-related issues, medical malpractice, personal injury/negligence cases, social security disability, and workers’ compensation issues.  

All attorneys on the Palm Beach County Bar LRS are in good standing with The Florida Bar and are required to carry professional liability insurance. 

If you are referred to an attorney, there is no guarantee that the attorney will accept your case. Your case may not meet the legal standard of a meritorious claim, the attorney may have a conflict, the lawyer may not have sufficient knowledge to handle the problem, or for some other reasonable explanation.

Please be advised that there are no refunds and all information you provide to the service is confidential.

  • If your issue occurred in Broward County, contact the Broward County Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service (954) 764-8310
  • If your issue occurred in Miami-Dade County, contact the Miami-Dade County Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service (305) 371-2646

About LRS

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) is a non-profit public service of the Palm Beach County Bar Association that has been authorized by The Florida Bar. For decades, our service has helped thousands of people in our local community find the right attorney for their legal case.

LRS Attorneys

Attorneys are registered in the areas of law they practice in and referrals are made on a rotating basis within those areas of law.  Referrals are also made to attorneys in their geographic area when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need “professional” legal assistance?
To protect the public, Florida law provides that only lawyers can give legal advice.  A lawyer is first and foremost an officer of the Court, authorized to explain and interpret the law for you and to represent your interests both in and out of court.

What if I need further service from the attorney after the initial consultation?
If you need any documents prepared or if you need any further legal services, there would be an additional fee that you and your attorney would agree upon before you proceed.

Do you have a list of pro bono attorneys?
No.  The LRIS does NOT maintain a list of attorneys that accept cases on a pro bono basis.  All panel members expect to be paid for their services unless a contingency fee structure or other arrangements have been made between you and the attorney.

Other Resources

To receive legal assistance, you must meet specific guidelines established by the services below:

  • Legal Aid Society (561) 655-8944 (Civil Cases)
  • Florida Rural Legal Services (561) 820-8902 (Civil Cases)
  • PBC Public Defenders Office (561) 355-7500 (Criminal Cases)
  • Florida Justice Center (954) 758-7555 (Criminal Cases)