The Paralegal Committee seeks to foster and promote the Paralegal Profession. This will be accomplished thru the advancement of educational standards for the experienced paralegal as well as the incoming new paralegals. The opportunity will be provided by educational seminars relative to the advanced Certified/Registered Paralegal along with the ethical obligations of all paralegals. The Paralegal Committee will provide member networking opportunities in similar areas of law. It is our goal to provide continuing legal education and ethical programs for the advanced and incoming paralegals to our profession.


Olga Patterson | oap@searcylaw.com

Past Committee Chairs

Paula Albright (2020-2021), Linda Wells (2019-2020), Patricia DeRamus (2018-2019)

2021-2022 Committee Members

Paula Albright, Samantha Angel, Patricia DeRamus, Cary High, Jacquelynn Jernigan, Kathleen Lange, Olga Patterson, Paul Patti, Deborah Smith, Jennifer Watkins 

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