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Dear Governor DeSantis:

The Judicial Nominating Commission for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit takes pleasure in certifying to you the following nominees to fill the County Court vacancies in Palm Beach County that was the subject of your Letter to Convene dated October 3, 2019:

1. Peter Bassaline
2. Melanie Casper
3. Lloyd Comiter
4. Laura Laurie
5. Judith Levine
6. Jean Marie Middleton
7. Sarah Shullman
8. Alcolya St. Juste
9. Melanie Surber
10. Schnelle Tonge
11. William Viergever
12. Maxine Williams

The original applications of the foregoing nominees, together with letters of recommendation and FDLE background results received by the Commission, will be forwarded to the attention of Erin Kraeft.