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Next month, the Circuit anticipates amending Administrative Order 3.107 relating to Civil Differentiated Case Management Plans. The goal of the amendment is to save the parties, and the Court, time and resources while more actively managing their cases consistent with the Supreme Court’s directives.

Important changes to the DCM program include the creation of an automated system to provide for the immediate entry of a Differentiated Case Management Order (DCMO) upon the filing of each civil action subject to DCM. The DCMO will set a Case Management Conference/Calendar Call, at which, the case will be set for trial as well as setting critical pretrial and mediation deadlines necessary to resolve the matter within the time standards set forth in Rule 2.250(a)(1)(B), Fla. R. Gen. Prac. & Jud. Admin. The DCMO will provide uniformity across divisions and important instructions for pretrial practice in the Circuit and County Courts. The new DCM Administrative Order will also provide procedures for the parties to amend a DCMO as necessary to fit their particular needs when done in a timely fashion. Please continue to monitor the Circuit’s website for additional information.