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RE: Petition for Reinstatement by Brian John Murtha
Case No. SC19-1886
TFB File No. 2020-30,327 (18C) (CRE)

Dear Ms. Callow:

Pursuant to R. Regulation Fla. Bar 3-7.10, Mr. Murtha has petitioned the Supreme Court of Florida for reinstatement to The Florida Bar. A copy of that petition is enclosed.
Pursuant to an order from the Supreme Court of Florida dated October 16, 2017, Mr. Murtha was held in contempt and suspended from the practice of law for one year. Murtha failed to comply with the notification requirements pertaining to his 91-day suspension from the practice of law, pursuant to an October 13, 2016 order from the Supreme Court of Florida. An audit concluded that Murtha’s trust account was not in substantial compliance with Bar rules. In more than one instance, Murtha disbursed fees prior to receiving the deposits. The disbursement created shortages that were corrected when the funds were deposited. In four separate matters, Murtha failed to diligently handle the cases, resulting in court dismissals.

Please advise the membership of the Palm Beach County Bar Association that if anyone has any knowledge bearing upon Mr. Murtha’s fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law to contact me at the above address or by e-mail to within thirty (30) days of your publication.

Thank you for your assistance.