Firm/Employer: Palm Beach County Office of Inspector General 
Law School: FSU College of Law 
Year admitted to practice: 1998
Year joined PBCBA:  1999

Kalinthia Dillard

What is your current Practice area?


Please provide a short bio of your background: 

I started my legal career at the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Thereafter, I practiced civil litigation at 2 private law forms prior to joining the School District of Palm Beach County where I handled the procurement, employment, and contractual issues before state and federal courts and the division of administrative hearings. I am currently the General Counsel and Deputy Inspector General for the PBC OIG.

What adversity have you faced because of your diverse characteristic and how did you overcome it? 

During law school, I had the opportunity to intern for several organizations. I made an appearance in an administrative matter. After I gave my presentation on behalf of my client, the hearing officer said, “nice presentation, little lady.” I did not comment on the remark. At that moment, I thought it was better to counter the person who wished to minimized my role by being prepared, exuding confidence, and advocating for my client to the best of my ability. Later in my career, I had a client refer to me as the managing partner’s paralegal and had another client turn to a male attorney present during our meeting to ask him if my analysis of the law was correct. 

Why is diversity important to the practice of law in Palm Beach County? 

Palm Beach County is a diverse community (approx. 54% white, 22% HIsp, and 19% Black). The legal profession is not reflective of the general population. Thankfully, PBCBA leadership understands the importance of diversity. Diversity in the legal profession fosters differing perspectives and novel solutions to problems, enhances the public’s perception of a just and fair judicial system, and reflects a commitment to the American ideal of equality of opportunity.