Lawyer’s Guide to iOS 7, Part II

Published December 2013
by Christopher B. Hopkins


In late October 2013, Apple revealed that nearly 65% of iPad and iPhone owners had updated to iOS 7.  In the last several months, Apple has released two new iPhones and two new iPads.  Given the high adoption rate of “iDevices” by lawyers, there is a good chance you will be holding a new phone or tablet this holiday season.

Part one of our Lawyers’ Guide to iOS is available at or  The following additional tips (while not all new to iOS 7) should complete your Jedi training to master your Apple device.

Make iOS text larger:  The new iOS 7 font is a bit thinner than the old typeface.  Too small for aging eyes?  Go the Settings, Text Size, and try out different sizes.

Type “.com” with 1 tap:  If you are typing a website address in your iDevice browser, you do not need to type out “.com.”  Instead, hold down “.” and a small dialog box will pop up and allow you to select .com, .net, and others.

iPhone 5s — Not for the Paranoid or Criminals:  as we have discussed in prior articles (Can The Government Compel Your Client to Decrypt a Harddrive?, the Fifth Amendment provides testimonial-based protections whereby a person might avoid being compelled to hand over a password to allow access to a drive or device.  But a fingerprint has long been held to be non-testimonial and the government can compel a fingerprint.  If your clients want to passcode protect their iDevices from the government, advise them to passcode protect the device but to not turn on the fingerprint access for the iPhone 5s.  Otherwise, your client might resist handing over the passcode but might be compelled to give fingerprint access!

Calendar by 1 or 5 Minute Increments:  In the Calendars app, you can schedule by 1 or 5 minute increments.  Hit the “+” to add a new appointment.  When the “Add Event” window appears, tap on “starts.”  If you double-tap the scroll wheel, you can change between 1 and 5 minute increments.

Apps Near You — It used to be, to find new apps, you would either have to look at “top charts” in the App Store app or search by name.  Here’s a new twist: find out what apps are popular in your location.  This can provide some apps specific to your hometown, on the one hand, but also can produce interesting results as you travel to new places.  Here in West Palm, I learned about several TV news station apps and that there is a TriRail app.

Use Caps Lock:  Really want to yell at someone ALL IN CAPS?  Instead of holding down Caps while typing, double-tap Caps to lock it on and then type.  Tap it again to turn it off.  Use sparingly, please.

Stop Using Apple Maps:  while Apple will open address and location-links in its own Maps app, do not use it.  The Maps app continues to be unreliable.  Download Google Maps and cut-and-paste the address into that app.  I have used Maps several times and been mis-directed.  Google Maps has not presented a problem.

Organize Multiple Email Accounts:  If your iDevice is connected to your work, personal, and other email boxes, you can organize them.  Tap the Mail app and hit the arrow in the upper left corner to reach the “mailboxes” page.  Hit “edit” to the right of “mailboxes” and uncheck All Inboxes and VIP.  Then, using the sliders on the right, use the sliders to prioritize your inboxes.  Hit Done.

Short or Long Names in Mail or Messages:  When you text or email with someone, iOS truncates their name down to their first name.  But what if you email or text with different people with the same name?  To always see full names, go to Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars / Contacts.  Select “short names” and turn off.

Apply Instagram-like Filters in Photos:  Want to play with tinted or colored filters in your photos?  In the Camera app, tap the three overlapping circles in the bottom right corner.  Test out one of the eight filters (“normal” is in the middle).  Alternatively, after you take a “normal” picture, open the Photos app, select your photo, hit “edit” in the top right, and select the overlapping circles on the bottom center.  You can apply the filter from here.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts:  Do you type the same thing over and over?  Create abbreviated keyboard shortcuts so you can type things like “omw” for “on my way.”  Go to Settings / General / Keyboard and scroll down to Add New Shortcut.  Put your phrase on top and then your abbreviated version below.  Next time you type the abbreviation in an email or text, it will magically turn into the longer version.

Child-Proof Your Device:  Do you often hand your device over to a child to play Plants versus Zombies?  Go to Settings / General / Restrictions to set a restrictions-specific passcode (does not have to be the device passcode) and then turn off everything — from phone calls to in-app purchases — you do not want the youngster to use.  Turn the Restrictions off when you regain control of your device.

Impress Your Kids:  Siri is linked to the search engine Wolfram Alpha, which has just added the entire library of… Pokemon.  Ask Siri about any Pokemon creature and she’ll give you their bio.

Christopher B. Hopkins is a shareholder at Akerman Senterfitt.  Siri will not connect you but you can send an email to


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