Lawyer’s Guide to iOS 6

Published in 2012
by Christopher B. Hopkins

If recent statistics are reliable, half of the readers of this magazine own an iPhone or iPad. The number of “iLawyers” is expected to grow – particularly as large law firms drop the Blackberry (down 15% last year) and move to iPhone (only 1% abandoned Blackberry for Android).

The following steps will help you stand out as an iPhone or iPad expert. Many of these steps require the new iOS 6 operating system – attach your device to your PC and follow the instructions for the free upgrade.

Turn Off Advertising By default, Apple turned on a limited amount of ad tracking on your phone. Get rid of it. Go to Settings/General/About/Advertising/Limit Ad tracking and select “on.”

Too Many Notifications? If you hit the home button and see reams of Notifications, it is time to turn some of them off. Go to Settings/Notifications. You want to have 10 apps or less under “In Notification Center” (keep ones like Messages, Calendar, airline apps, Facetime, Skype, and eBay). For unwanted apps, click on its name and turn off Notification Center and View in Lock Screen. For most apps, select “None” for Alert Style.

Attach Multiple Photos to An Email Instead of selecting a photo from the camera roll and forwarding it via email, you can insert one or more photos by creating an email, pressing down in the body of the email and inserting photos.

Check Your Data Usage (AT&T) Select Phone and dial “*data#” (*3282#) and hit “call.” It will give you an “ok” message. In a few seconds, you will get a text from AT&T with your billing, data, and IM information.

Get Google Maps Back (kind of) If you can’t live without Google Maps, go into Safari and search for “Google maps.” Once you load that page, it will prompt you to hit the arrow key and install a (weak) version of Google Maps as an app on your homescreen. Also, in the App Store, “Live Street View Free” brings back Street View. The Bing app also has a map and directions function.

Take Panorama Photos Open Camera to take a picture, hit “option” in the upper center of the screen, and touch “panoramic.” Hit the button to take a picture and move the camera to begin the panorama. The arrow will move along and indicate how much of the panorama is left. For better 360 degree pictures, download Microsoft’s free Photosynth app.

Receive iMessages on two devices Assuming both your iPhone and iPad are set to the same Apple ID, you can sync iMessages to display on both devices. Go to Settings/Messages and turn on iMessages. On each device, go down to “Send & Receive” and put check marks next to both your phone and your email addresses.

Remove Facebook birthdays from Calendar – the downside of Facebook integration with iOS 6 is that Facebook friends’ birthdays are sent to your Calendar. Open the Calendar app, select the “Calendars” button (upper left) and, under Facebook, de-select “Facebook events” and “Birthdays.”

Turn off “sent from my device” We discussed the professional reasons why lawyers should turn off the “sent from [device]” in a prior article ( Go to Settings/Mail, Contacts and scroll down to Signature. Select it and hit clear (upper right corner).

Use Firm’s Signature Block on Emails If your firm has a fancy signature on your emails, why not have it appear when you send from your iDevice? First, from your work computer, send yourself an email. Second, open it on your iDevice and select the signature (hold down and copy). Go to Settings/Mail, Contacts and scroll down to Signature. Hit “Per Account” and paste the signature under your firm email.

New Emoji Characters Emoji are small characters/cartoons which you can send between Apple devices. Apple added new ones with iOS 6. Add them to your device by going to Settings/General and scroll down to Keyboard. Select “international keyboards” and then “add new keyboard.” Scroll down and select Emoji. Hit the home button and go to Messages. You will see a small globe on the keyboard next to the space bar. Hit it and select your Emoji. Return to regular keys by hitting the globe key again. For more interactive texts, consider the Stick Texting app by Tampa lawyer, Mitch Robiner.

Share Photos Across Your Devices Want to take a photo with your iPhone and have it appear moments later on your iPad camera roll? Under Settings/ iCloud, turn on Photo Stream and My Photo Stream. Under Settings/ Photos & Camera, turn on My Photo Stream. Do this for both devices.

Battery Percentage To display the percentage of battery remaining in the upper right corner of your device, go to Settings/General/Usage and turn on Battery Percentage.

LED Blinks for Calls Make your iPhone flash when someone calls: go to Settings/General and scroll down to Accessibility. Turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

Siri on Movies and Sports Siri now knows college and pro sports game times and scores (“Who are the Saints playing on Sunday?”). She also can provide the details of what movies are playing nearby. Finally,ask Siri what she thinks about sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner, Star Wars, and 2001 (“What is […] about?”).

Christopher B. Hopkins is a shareholder with Akerman Senterfitt. While he is not as knowledgeable as Siri, he is just as responsive when you email

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