Judge Krista Marx

Published October 2001
by Yvette Trelles

Marx, KristaA native of Florida, Krista Marx grew up in Fort Lauderdale. She was born the second of seven children. Coming from a large Irish Catholic family, Krista learned at an early age how to fight for what she needed. From the time Krista was young, she knew she wanted a career in television as an anchorperson.

With a career in television in mind, Krista left home to attend Florida State University where she majored in communications. In fact, Judge Marx was even a disc jockey at a Tallahassee radio station. Anyone who knows Krista will tell you she is high spirited, enthusiastic about life and passionate about everything she gets involved in. While in college, Krista spent a year in Europe, nine months at the University of Florence, Italy and a semester at Oxford College in Oxford, England.

During her senior year of college while interning at a television station, a series of events exposed her to the legal system for the first time. This experience led her to change career paths and she entered law school the next fall.

Krista attended law school at Florida State University. Afterward, she became an Assistant State Attorney with the State Attorney’s Office of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit where she practiced law from 1985 until her election to the county court bench in 1999.

As a key county prosecutor, Krista skillfully handled many high profile criminal cases. Her cases ran the gamut from misdemeanors including DUI’s to high profile felony criminal cases and sensitive official-corruption cases involving police officers. She rose through the ranks to become supervisor of county felony prosecutors before she decided to run for the position of county court judge in 1998. After a very heated election, Krista Marx was elected and assumed her duties as county court judge in 1999.

Judge Marx is a mother of three, Zach, Alexa, and Jake. They currently attend school at Rosarian Academy that keeps the family very busy. Krista has always had special interest in children’s issues. In addition, she is married to attorney Joe Marx whom she previously worked with at the State Attorney’s Office. Joe now practices with the law firm of Burman, Critton, Luttier and Coleman where he specializes in matrimonial law. When they’re not helping the children with their schoolwork, the Marx’s are out enjoying time with friends or traveling.

Prior to assuming her role on the bench, Krista was very active with the Palm Beach County Bar Association. She was president of the Bar’s Young Lawyers Section after having held many offices and chaired many committees including Kid Care I.D. and the child friendly room in the county courthouse. Krista then was elected as a Director on the Palm Beach County Bar Association for one year before being elevated to the bench.

As a judge for the last two years, Krista has become very active as well. She has now lectured at many of the judicial conferences and is currently Secretary for the Conference of County Court Judges as well as serving as Circuit Representative for the Conference of County Court Judges. Krista’s main interests still remain with adolescents. Therefore she has started a program called “A Day at the Courthouse”. Just last week, young women from Gold Coast High School enjoyed an insiders view to the legal system here in Palm Beach County. The program is for girls aged thirteen through seventeen who have been placed into alternative schools voluntarily or involuntarily for behavioral or special educational reasons. Judge Marx started this program to boost public confidence in the judiciary. When asked about the program, Judge Marx comments, “It was really incredible to watch these girls and make a difference in their lives.” These children have an overwhelming sense of distrust for police officers and authority and the goal is to show these young women that there’s not so much prejudice or hostility in the legal system to underprivileged.

Krista is extremely enthusiastic about this new project and her eyes sparkle when she talks about it. Not only is she determined to be the best judge and the best mother, but she is determined to make a difference in the lives of so many others. Krista is an outstanding judge. She is decisive and compassionate yet tough minded and certainly full of energy. She will definitely leave her mark at the courthouse and in the lives of all those she touches.

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