Judge Jessica Ticktin

Published May 2015
By Tina Talarchyk

Judge Ticktin, one of the newly invested Palm Beach Circuit Court Judges, is not only experienced in litigation, but is also a multi-tasker with two young children, who not only managed a home but also a multi-office firm prior to joining the bench.  Jessica first decided to go to law school when she was very young, and as her father noted when he spoke at her investiture, Judge Ticktin has always been decisive as well as determined.  Believing she had the right approach and qualifications to translate her legal experience to the bench, she made the decision to seek a judgeship. Realizing an appointment to the bench at her age could be difficult, Ticktin instead chose perhaps the more challenging path by running a judicial election campaign.  While the political process proved to be trying at times, she appreciated the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.  As Ticktin noted, the election was both exciting and a bit daunting, but the end result is the election of a judge who is extremely energetic and determined and who truly cares about the citizens of Palm Beach County.  In the short time that Judge Ticktin has been on the bench, it is clear that her decisiveness and determination are allowing her to effectively handle the many cases crowding her docket.  Ticktin was actually pulled out of a jury trial just as the jury was returning a verdict, in order to be sworn in by Chief Judge Colbath.

Judge Ticktin was elected to the Circuit Court in 2014 for the term beginning on January 6, 2015, and expiring on January 4, 2021.  Judge Ticktin received her B.S. in criminology, with honors, from Florida State University and her J.D. degree from the Stetson University College of Law; a member of various bar associations and admitted to practice in three federal courts as well as the Florida Supreme Court. For four years she was managing partner of The Ticktin Law Group but stepped back from the managing role after her first son was born.  Her career before joining the bench includes 2013-2014: Partner, The Ticktin Law Group; 2009-2013: Managing Partner, The Ticktin Law Group; 2009: Partner, Nugent Ticktin; 2006-2008: Attorney, Law Office of Matthew Nugent; 2005-2006: Associate Attorney, Law Office of Mark Maynor; 2004-2005: Associate Attorney, Peter Ticktin & Associates.

Judge Ticktin, who is a member of Congregation B’Nai Israel, met her husband at the local car wash he owns, and was courted by his making sure that she had a very clean car in addition to becoming good friends, and eventually, a married couple.  Her focus at home is on their two young sons, who are both under four (4) years old.  Judge Ticktin and her husband enjoy traveling and spending time with their immediate and extended family when they find time outside their demanding careers.

It is clear that Judge Ticktin is passionate about children and children’s rights issues and as a result has spent much of her Ticktin, Jessica familycareer handling family law cases. Judge Ticktin acknowledged the need to control her courtroom, but believes that treating people with respect is a priority. Judge Ticktin admires judges who find creative ways to resolve difficult situations.  Her focus, in addition to treating each case with the care and concern that being a judge requires, also wants to bring focus to improving pro bono issues, as well as decorum and professionalism in the courtroom.

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