Judge Jaimie Goodman

Goodman, JamiePublished April 2015
By Jorge Maxion

One overriding characteristic of Judge Jaimie Goodman that is clearly evident in his first few weeks as one of Palm Beach County’s newly elected Circuit Court Judges is that he is a passionate person.   Judge Goodman has a passion for the bench, for public service and for the fair administration of justice.   He loves the work, especially the ability to analyze legal issues in service to the Bar.   He also has a deep appreciation for the many practitioners of the Palm Beach Bar Association.

Judge Goodman derives his passion for the job from many sources including the experience of serving as a congressional intern in the United States House of Representative during the summer of 1978.   He fondly recalls learning how laws are formed and the privilege of serving citizens.   Judge Goodman’s zeal served him well including earning a highly coveted scholarship for his continued public service during his junior year at Cornell University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations in June 1979.

Having grown up in Queens and on Long Island, Judge Goodman began his formal legal education in the fall of 1979 when he enrolled at Cornell Law School.   His initial desire was to return to Washington D.C. upon graduation and to begin private practice.   He wasn’t sure of the venue but Judge Goodman knew that wherever he landed it would be as a civil litigator where he would have the opportunity to get into the courtroom.

Judge Goodman got his wish to litigate but surprisingly the opportunity surfaced in Detroit, Michigan where he was very pleased to work as in house counsel for General Motors from June 1982 to June 1987.   He appreciated the experience, honing his courtroom skills, and became a partner at a private firm continuing to represent General Motors in the area of employment litigation throughout Michigan.

Eventually fate would step in again and in 1989, while on a well-earned vacation after three trials, Judge Goodman found himself on his way to Port St. Lucie, Florida to watch his beloved New York Mets play at a spring training game.   His drive north from the West Palm Beach airport found him travelling through Jupiter and Hutchinson Island.   Judge Goodman fell in love with the area, the community, and the weather, and from that vacation grew a passion to move south which finally culminated in taking The Florida Bar exam in February 1992.

In 1993, the Law Offices of Jaimie Goodman opened its modest doors in Detroit, Michigan; and then in the fall of 1999, Judge Goodman opened up his law office in West Palm Beach.   Judge Goodman’s employment law practice flourished as he focused on representing individuals who had lost their jobs, many as a result of discrimination in the workplace.   However, Judge Goodman had one more ambition, one more passion, and that was to serve our community as Circuit Court Judge.   In fact, Judge Goodman‘s interest had actually begun while at Cornell serving as a student representative on the University Review Board’s Judicial Panel.

Today, Judge Goodman is a model of perseverance who exemplifies that a person can achieve all of his or her goals by never losing passion.   He lives by the mottos: “never give up” and “pursue your dreams.”   We warmly welcome Judge Goodman.   Our legal community is better and stronger with him on our Circuit Court bench.

Jorge L. Maxion is with the firm of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A.  His practice areas include motor vehicle accidents, premises liability and general liability litigation.  He is a former General Magistrate for the 15th Judicial Circuit.  

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