Judge Daliah Weiss

By Jennifer Perrone, Esq.

On May 18, 2012, the 15th Judicial Circuit saw a fresh new face on the Bench with the appointment of Judge Daliah Weiss. When Governor Scott appointed Judge Weiss, he recognized her 17 years of experience as a prosecutor Weiss, Daliah2in some of the most difficult cases and her “leadership skills as the chief of multiple units”. Yet with the addition of Judge Weiss, the 15th Circuit gained much more. Not only does she bring courtroom experience and leadership to the Bench, but Judge Weiss exudes enthusiasm for the law, promotes civility among lawyers and embraces modern technology in the courtroom.

Judge Weiss grew up in the Daytona Beach area. Her parents, originally from South America, settled in Florida when they immigrated to the United States. Her mother, an attorney in South America, passed on her passion for the law to both Judge Weiss and her brother who is also an attorney. Judge Weiss received her undergraduate degree in English from Emory University and attended Villanova Law School. She became a prosecutor with the 7th Judicial Circuit in Putnam County before moving to Palm Beach County in 1996 where she continued her career in public service.

As a prosecutor with the 15th Judicial Circuit, Judge Weiss headed up the prestigious Special Victims Unit (SVU) where she focused on prosecuting sex crimes and crimes against children. She dealt with many complex, emotionally charged and high profile cases including rape, aggravated child abuse and neglect. During the latter part of her 17 years of public service, she was Chief of the County Court Division where she oversaw all prosecutorial training, supervision and mentoring of more than thirty attorneys. During her service with the State Attorney’s Office, Judge Weiss also met her husband Jason, who is now a criminal defense attorney and Partner with Atterbury, Goldberger & Weiss.

Today Judge Weiss presides over a large volume of personal injury protection (PIP) and foreclosure cases, as well as landlord tenant and other small claims disputes. Additionally, every week she presides over Domestic Violence Injunction Hearings, an area for which she is uniquely qualified. She is a former member of the Professionalism Committee of the Florida Bar and a current member of the South County Bar Association. Throughout her career, Judge Weiss always enjoyed mentoring young lawyers. This interest continues with her emphasis on professionalism and encouraging attorneys to work together to resolve disputes brought before her. With the advent of e-service and approach of mandatory e-filing, Judge Weiss, with the help of her Judicial Assistant, Gloria Lozano, embraces new technology. She issues Orders electronically, participates in e-filing and manages a virtually paperless docket in the new wing of the South County Courthouse.

In sum, Judge Weiss promotes an earnest resolution of disputes and progressive embrace of new technology in the courtroom. Her passion for the law and genuine concern for civility among members of the Bar comes across to anyone who meets her. Her transition to the Bench has been smooth and Judge Weiss has embraced the position fully. She now has two children, Lara, with an affinity for the arts, and Jacob, an avid baseball player.

On behalf of the Judicial Relations Committee and Palm Beach County Bar Association, we welcome Judge Weiss to the Bench and look forward to her dedicated service and contributions to the local bar and community at large in the 15th Judicial Circuit.

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