Judge Ashley Zuckerman

Judge Ashley Zuckerman
By: Lauren Johnson
April 2019

If you leave this article learning only one thing about Judge Zuckerman, it should be that she is grateful. Grateful to continue her public service to the Palm Beach County community and serve on the bench of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.

Judge Zuckerman was born in upstate New York and grew up in New England. She moved to South Florida to be closer to family when she was in college. With an English major and political science minor, she graduated from Florida Atlantic University. Judge Zuckerman put herself through college by working as a bank teller at Bank of America, and then started her employment at an investment firm in Boca Raton after graduation. However, she knew her true passion was to work in public service.

When Judge Zuckerman decided she would go to law school, she knew she wanted to stay in South Florida to remain close to who she lovingly refers to as her “Nana,” who was the biggest influence in her life. That was when she decided on Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center for law school. As a law student, she interned at the public defender’s office of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit. It was there that she felt the happiest helping people and serving the public, which is why it was a natural choice for her to continue her employment as a public defender after her law school graduation.

At the public defender’s office, Judge Zuckerman trained in the appeals division, worked in the county court division trying misdemeanors, and then moved to the circuit court division to try felony cases. Eventually, she returned to the county division as a supervisor and resource director to train and work with new public defenders.

She filed to run for judge in December 2017 because she loved her time in the courtroom and wanted to continue serving the public. Her proudest moment wasn’t from one of the over 80 jury trials that she tried as a public defender. It was when she told her Nana that she had officially filed to run for Judge. While most people would take time off from work and hire a campaign manager while running a judicial campaign, Judge Zuckerman ran her own campaign and continued to work. She also relied heavily on her friends and family and had a close friend serve as treasurer of the campaign. And in November of 2018, Judge Zuckerman was able to tell her Nana that she was elected to serve the public as a Palm Beach County Judge.

Now that Judge Zuckerman is in the county civil division, it’s a far leap from her former criminal days. But if you meet Judge Zuckerman, her work ethic and dedication will be abundantly clear. She prides herself on receiving this work ethic from her Nana. And she feels extremely lucky to walk into the courthouse every day and continue serving the community of Palm Beach County.

Lauren Johnson (Ljohnson@mccaberabin.com) is an associate at McCabe Rabin, P.A. practicing business, securities, and whistleblower litigation.

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