Fifteenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Committee Circuit Court Judge Vacancy – List of Applicants

The following have submitted applications to the Fifteenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Committee for the Circuit Court Judge vacancy, caused by the retirement of the Honorable Jeffrey Colbath:

  • Ashley Ackerman
  • Thomas Baker III
  • Peter Bassaline
  • David Behar
  • Elizabeth Berkowitz
  • Marsha Bunn
  • Andrew Carrabis
  • Melanie Casper
  • William Chapman
  • Adrienne Ellis
  • Renatha Francis
  • Jonathan Giddens
  • Bradley Harper
  • Ron Herman
  • Sheri Hopkins
  • Henry Johnson
  • George Lagos
  • Judith Levine
  • Ilana Marcus
  • Brian McMahon
  • Jean Marie Middleton
  • Annelies Mouring
  • Pamela Higer Polani
  • Michael Rachel
  • Caroline Shepherd
  • Ori Silver
  • Joseph Small
  • Alcolya J.L. St. Juste
  • Melanie Surber
  • Destinie Sutton
  • Richard Valuntas
  • Karen Velez
  • Kevin Walsh
  • Maxine Williams

The JNC anticipates conducting interviews in July 2019 on a date to be determined.  Applicants should check with the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s website [] for information as to date and time of any interview.

After the deadline for submitting applications, the Commission will publish on the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s website: [] the date, time and location of any interviews that the JNC chooses to conduct.  Any interviews will be done in person; no telephonic interviews will be scheduled.

All JNC proceedings are open to the public, except for deliberations.  Applications are not confidential.  If an applicant is nominated, all materials attached to the original application will be submitted to the Governor.

A list of members of the Fifteenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission is available from The Florida Bar’s website at

Members of the bench, the Bar and the public are urged to contact the members of the Commission concerning applicants for judicial positions.

If you have any questions, please call Mr. Schwinghammer at (561) 650-0595, or email at


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