Civil Department Procedure – Assisting Court on Fridays

Assisting Courts with Emergency matters when North Branch and South Branch are closed on Fridays.
Due to the fact that North Branch and South Branch are closed to the public on Friday, but the courts are not, the following procedures will apply:
If there is an emergency matter being handled by the Judge, the JA or Case Manager will contact the Clerk’s Office to provide assistance with Certifying and Copying Orders on Emergency matters.
South County call extensions: 5-1591 or 5-1541 for assistance

North County call extensions:
Lori Cheewai: 624-6615
Coreen Hoffman: 624-6609
Bea Lovelace: 624-6601
Connie Mellette: 624-6619

The clerk will go to the courtroom to make the necessary certified copies for the parties.
If the parties are able to pay for their copies with cash or check at that time, they can take the money and receipt the parties.
If the parties are unable to pay, the clerk will take down the parties information and the party will be billed for the certified copies when the clerk’s office opens on the following Monday.

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